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by Bauke Deelstra

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What to do in Tirana?


RRUGA is a video channel that explores different aspects of Albanian society with an open-minded approach. By discussing various topics, RRUGA aims to promote a mutual exchange of ideas and encourage viewers to learn from each other. The channel seeks to address questions about the purpose of life and offer insights that can benefit its audience.

Who am I?

My name is Bauke Deelstra, and I live in Albania with my wife and two daughters. Before moving to Albania in 2019, I worked as a reporter for radio and television in The Netherlands. Despite leaving my previous job, my passion for creating videos remains strong, and I particularly enjoy interacting with people on the street.

Why Albania?

Why do you live here and don’t you stay in The Netherlands? It’s a question which I often get. Lots of Albanians in fact wants to live in The Netherlands. Since 2009 I come regularly in Albania and it got a place in my heart. I want to encourage Albanians to stay in their beautiful country and to make it a better place.


As a Christian it's important to take care for the people around you. Jesus Christ has set us a good example. How beautiful it would be if everyone in Albania and the rest of the world would hear of Jesus his redemptive work.

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