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Rruga focuses on Albania and the Albanians. What is life like for the Albanians? What are the current issues? There are many problems in Albania, but also beautiful things are happening. If you are interested in this beautiful country, Rruga is the channel for you!

Who am I?

My name is Bauke Deelstra (1988). Together with my wife and two daughters I am living in Albania since November 2019. In The Netherlands I used to work as a reporter for radio and television. Our family came to Albania to help the people in need. The goal of my wife is to start a residential for people with mental disabilities. Our goal is to share the love of Jesus for whoever wo wants to hear it.

Why Albania?

In 2009 I went to Albania for the first time. And since that moment I came back every year again. People have asked me many times: Why do you live here and don’t you stay in The Netherlands? Lots of Albanians in fact would prefer to live in The Netherlands and are leaving their country. I want to encourage Albanians to stay in their beautiful country and to make it a better place.


There are many things you can live for, like money, attention, power. Many earthly things are attractive to me too, but this should not be our main goal to live for. The main purpose should be to love each other, as Jesus showed us. He is my example and my savior. I hope that more people in Albania will accept him as their savior.

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