‘It’s not possible to help you in Albania’. This is what Darda was told by the doctor in the hospital in Tirana. Darda Dhimo is from Korça and 18 years old. She is studying Psychology in Tirana and finished the first year before the summer. I got to know her as a friendly young lady with a positive mentality. I sometimes met Darda at birthday parties or at church. She is related to friends of mine.

At the end of the last school year, Darda was told that she has leukemia (blood cancer). It is terrible news for her and her family and friends. It is extra difficult because she can´t be treated in Albania. There is much to write about medical facilities in Albania. The wildest stories come by, where it is common knowledge that people without money are not helped. Unfortunately, there is a lot of poverty in Albania and that’s why many people are not helped properly.

When medical help is needed within our family, we are blessed to have the opportunity to be treated in the country we’re coming from: The Netherlands. For example we went there for the birth of our youngest daughter Naomi and also our oldest daughter Marije’s tonsils were removed in The Netherlands. However, it is unthinkable for most Albanians to use health care in The Netherlands.

Darda has fled to Greece for her treatment. She is being helped at a private hospital in Thessaloniki. Although she is fighting for recovery, there is also a challenge of the payment of her treatment. A fundraise has been started to help her. https://www.givesendgo.com/TreatmentforDarda

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