I like it when Albanians build a future in their own country. Albania needs the new generation. Still, many young people don’t see the benefit of staying longer in this country. Money is obviously reason number one to leave Albania. And I can’t blame people to choose for a better financial position. If I were an Albanian, I might have chosen a future abroad as well.

I like to ask everyone the question: on what basis do you make your decisions in life, because it’s not good to make decisions just because of money. From my Christian faith, I know that it is important to make decisions out of love. It should be a goal in life to take care for each other. Of course you can do many good things with money, but having a lot of money should not be the goal in itself. If you have money, you have responsibillity. Don’t forget to care for people in need.

Rrugë të mbarë!

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